Ex Confusion - With Love

Ex Confusion

With Love \ CD/Digital

  • All Alright
  • Two Things
  • Come Find Me
  • On Your Side
  • What It Means to Me
  • With Love
  • Days
  • Old Portrait
  • Letters That You Keep
  • For Memories
  • Only an Angel
  • Closer
  • As We Are
'With Love' is album number three for Atsuhito Omori's nom de plume Ex Confusion. This follow-up to 2012's 'Embrace' (n5MD) finds Omori's sitting firmly at that sublime blur between Ambient and Modern Composition. As with it's predecessor acoustic instruments brush up against sprawling wide-screen effected guitars and in Omori's hands bear a hazy sense of nostalgia. While the previous effort had that in spades 'With Love' in parts reflect some of Omori's most bittersweet moments in his steadily growing body of work. 'With Love' is out July 9th on n5MD. Learn more about Ex Confusion

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