Last Days - Satellite

Last Days

Satellite \ CD/Digital

  • theme
  • if
  • envelope
  • glow
  • satellite
  • escape velocity
  • nepenthe
  • after the flood
  • inheritance
  • expecting miracles
  • fidra
  • new transmissions
  • to the sky
  • ghosts of winter
Satellite is the 4th album from Graham Richardson's Last Days. Richardson who is now well known for his cinematic electro-acoustic pieces that effortlessly invoke an almost inconceivably tangible imagery has this time around turned ever inward for Satellite's core inspiration. While Richardson credits the album with certain personal themes in tow he's more apt to let the listener gather their own meaning of the album's affinity of satellite and stars. The song New Transmission features vocals by Beth Arzy (Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars) and could very well sum up the album's apex while delivering the most pop affected Last Days song to date. Satellite is out Sept 17th on n5MD. Learn more about Last Days

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