Ghost Bike - Sun of the Dead

Ghost Bike

Sun of the Dead \ CD/Digital

  • Ridiculous
  • Sun For A Lover
  • Boschian Bubble
  • Slaveship Earth
  • Up In Her Room, Just Sleeping
  • One Step
  • Safe On The Edge
  • Love Song For Norway
  • The German Ocean
  • Unsay Unhear
  • Sublime
Sun of the Dead is the second full-length from Jerusalem producer Vlad Shusterman under his Ghost Bike moniker. After a successful duo of releases (2010's You Don't Exist and, in the following year, Time's Carcass EP), Shusterman has taken some time away to mangle and refine his sound into something that eclipses his previous works without negating their place among what we feel are post-dubstep's finer moments. While both earlier efforts showcased a sonically and emotionally rich take on the aforementioned sound, Vlad has now moved miles away from the genre's professed minimalism by taking his multi-layered approach even further, and with a surprising knack for an almost conventional song structure as well. Soaring, vaguely black metal-inspired guitars, bass music's almighty low end and beat sculpting, jazzy yet darkly contorted guest vocals, bitterly ironic Mid-Eastern samples, and a crushing undercurrent of drone - all become malleable source material in Shusterman's hands. Shards of post-metal, washes of nu-gaze and darkwave, echoes of trip hop, and even a touchingly honest wink toward 2-step garage are all part of Sun of the Dead's fibre, making it a rewarding listen that yields myriads of new detail with every spin. Recommended for fans of JK Flesh/Jesu, Wife/Altar of Plagues, Holy Other, The Soft Moon, Ulver. Learn more about Ghost Bike

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