Preghost - Ghost Story


Ghost Story \ CD/Digital

  • Seeker (feat. Yuichiro Kato)
  • Snow Leopard
  • Alter Ego
  • Predawn (feat. Primula)
  • Cliff Edge Ghost
  • Lostus
  • Siusin
  • Lostus (Ametsub remix)
  • Departures
Some may recognize Kosuke Anamizu as the solitary presence behind Japanese cinematic ambient project Moshimoss (Dynamophone, Nothing66). In sharp juxtaposition to Moshimoss' characteristically delicate vignettes Anamizu has created a new project: Preghost. While no less personal this new project focuses on larger scale atmosphere which is met with hypnoticly twisted dub techno beat work, hazy guitars and looped yet sullen vocals on his debut album: Ghost Story. From the opening washes it is clear that Anamizu is using a gauzier and less child-like sound pallet for Preghost. This new sound hints at some new songwriting techniques for Anamizu all the while still being able to make that all important human connection to his music effortless. For this is something that Anamizu truly excels. Ghost Story also features a remix from Anamizu cohort Ametsub and will be out November 12th on n5MD. Learn more about Preghost