Elise Melinand - Gray Hoodie

Elise Melinand

Gray Hoodie \ CD/LP

  • Indonesia Baby
  • Prélude en Louise
  • Rue des Abbesses
  • Eliot
  • Something for the Horns
  • Picture Book
  • Dried Leaves
  • La pluie (la plus belle)
  • Sur l'Océan
  • Hymne Hybride
Gray Hoodie is the debut album from french musician / composer Elise Mélinand. The album, written in Berlin then sequentially recorded throughout various locations in France, was initially inspired by the techniques she was exposed to after being recruited as part of Christina Vantzou's (Kranky / The Dead Texan) Little Prism Ensemble. Her newly adapted recording and composition tool, the laptop, is undeniably the norm today. However, it allowed Mélinand to better visualize her compositions while experimenting with techniques that Gray Hoodie so skillfully showcases. Crafted by Mélinand to tell a story of a friend who gave her a gray hoodie one cold evening. This gray hoodie was a symbol of their friendship and this album is said by Mélinand to be "A way to thank him for everything he gave me". Gray Hoodie showcases Mélinand's childlike voice and legato string work juxtaposed over frenetic experimental beat-work all injected into ten cinematic vignettes that exude the comfort and warmth of a sweatshirt on a cold day. Learn more about Elise Melinand