Dag Rosenqvist - Fall Into Fire

Dag Rosenqvist

Fall Into Fire \ LP/Digital

  • THE GATE - white nights, split lips
  • THE FLOOD PT. I - veins
  • THE CONGREGATION - field drugs
  • THE FLOOD PT. II - new muscles
  • THE PROCESSION - become the end
  • THE FLOOD PT. III - blood maps
N5MD is proud to present Fall Into Fire, the new LP from Dag Rosenqvist. Fall Into Fire is Rosenqvist's first album since the self-inflicted conclusion to his Jasper TX nom de plume in 2013 with the stunning An Index of Failure LP (HANDMADE BIRDS). While no longer veiled behind a moniker Rosenqvist fittingly presents his most personal and arrestingly raw release to date. There are threadbare echoes of loss, fleeting moments of rage, and a restless undercurrent of remorse that Rosenqvist presents with few concessions. Fall Into Fire finds Rosenqvist at his most achingly radiant while displaying some of the most contrastingly vast passages of any of his discography. Fall Into Fire was mastered for maximum dynamics, all perceived silence is intentional. Learn more about Dag Rosenqvist