OKADA - Impermanence


Impermanence \ CD/Digital

  • Vulnerability
  • Unrequited
  • Ruiner
  • A Halcyon Moment
Impermanence is the third full length album from Gregory Pappas' OKADA project and his first for emotive electronics outpost n5MD. The title is taken from one of the three marks of Buddhism where it is believed that all existence is in a state of flux. The four long play tracks that make up Impermanence equal such a pragmatic whole that perfectly affirms such an album title. Moments of solace and hope give way to momentary passages of happiness and love only to unknowingly become anxious, dark and claustrophobic blankets of uncertainty. The segments of gnarled aggression that rear their head seem to never let up. Yet when released are consoled by warm ambient passages highlighting magnanimous emotive piano. Such beauty is ever present but just as in life is ever fleeting. These ephemeral passages are what makes Impermanence so special. Much like life where nothing is truly permanent. Learn more about OKADA

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