dreissk - To Nowhere


To Nowhere \ CD/Digital

  • The Eye Can See
  • A Long Road
  • Of Approaching Light
  • Near The Shore
  • Way Out
  • Anew
  • Skyward
  • Arrival
  • Find and Lose Again
'To Nowhere' is the 3rd full-length album from Undead Labs sound designer/composer Kevin Patzelt's dreissk project. The album features Patzelt's now recognizable post-apocalyptic slant on ambient, post-rock and industrial motifs. Not as foreboding as its predecessors 'edge_horizon' and 'the finding', 'To Nowhere's' thematic core is that of a journey. But to where? This ideal is what dreissk has always left up to the listener. To Nowhere is a celebration of the album as a format by eschewing sporadic changes that are often present in post-industrial music which gives each track time to stretch and breathe into full-on explorations of movement, tension, and ephemeral moments of optimism. The highlight of To Nowhere is the trilateral “A Long Road/Of Approaching Light/Near The Shore” being a journey unto itself. With "Near The Shore" possibly being the most widescreen ambient piece in dreissk's catalog. To Nowhere will be out March 31st on n5MD. Learn more about dreissk

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