Ocoeur - Inner


Inner \ CD/Digital/LP

  • Inner
  • Embers
  • Passage
  • L'envie
  • Mother
  • Unseen
  • Echo
  • Shelter
This is album number 5 for Bordeaux composer Ocoeur. Titled Inner, the album seamlessly evolves from the previous album Reversed. This evolution finds the man behind Ocoeur, Franck Zargoza, moving away from his more piano-centric concepts to focus on synth-based ambient works. The piano, cellos and meticulous sound design are all present, but Zaragoza protracts his melodies out by allowing his synths to collapse, float, and decay. Each note having a life of its own to soar. While there is metastasis at the heart of Inner it feels like the natural progression in the Ocoeur cannon. Learn more about Ocoeur

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