Suumhow - Crash_Reports


Crash_Reports \ CD / MiniDisc

  • .4
  • Brus L
  • Aywaille
  • Dunningkruger
  • Carne
  • Phoebe
  • Small Sky
  • Neuce
  • Cetii
Crash_Reports is the debut album from Brussel based emotive experimental duo Suumhow. Heavy on glitch, DSP, modular synthesis and circuit bent analog video mixers Crash_Reports has an air of late 90s / early oughts junked-up IDM nostalgia. Suumhow chew up beats with little or no regard for their original structure only to reveal newer forms within the outboard gear mangling. The duo also are adept at adding some humanistic warmth by way of carefully chosen melodies. Crash_Reports could be somewhat demanding to listen at face value but the aural rewards that the duo thoughtfully reveal in each track is well worth repeated listens. Learn more about Suumhow

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