Axel Rigaud - Transformation

Axel Rigaud

Transformation \ CD/Digital/LP

  • New Land
  • Perception
  • Dare
  • Solitude
  • Ice Bridge
  • Rush
  • Totem
  • Direct Future
  • Unexpected Victory
Transformation is the debut album from Parisian multi-instrumentalist Axel Rigaud. Rigaud's style as a whole is the exploration of the crossroads of electronic music and jazz. By blending steady big bottomed analog synth arpeggios, shuffling beats, and swirling jazz influenced reed instruments Rigaud makes the juxtapositional a compelling and interwoven whole. Only a few moments on the album does one genre eclipse the other. Even when this happens one finds that the sax or flute are being electronically manipulated or the electronics have that all to special swing. While seemingly new ground for n5MD Miles, Coltrane and Weather Report are often in the rotation at n5HQ. So it makes perfect sense that Rigaud has found a home for his debut on n5MD. Learn more about Axel Rigaud