Ex Confusion - I Remember When

Ex Confusion

I Remember When \ CD/Digital/LP

  • To Seek The Path
  • In Your Eyes
  • Forgiven
  • Tears
  • She Waited for You
  • Nothing Stays The Same
  • I Owe The Earth a Body (Feat. Benoît Pioulard)
  • I Remember When
  • What I Miss Most
  • Your Touch
“I Remember When” is the sixth album from Tokyo based nostalgic ambient soloist Ex Confusion. The album finds Atsuhito Omori bringing Ex Confusion back to n5MD after a release each with Plancha and Orchid Tapes. I Remember When finds Omori carefully carving music out of hazy memories. Emotive, abstracted, and overcast (as the cover art itself alludes to). Omori excels at his brand of heart to hands clouded ambient by utilizing faded repetition with ghostly percolating guitars printed to old formats. Omori has been doing this type of minimalist modern compositional ambient for nearly a decade but never has it sounded so focused in its conception. As a bonus to an album of such understated beauty Omori includes a recent collaboration with Thomas Meluch's Benoit Pioulard pseudonym which further adds to the faded photograph characteristics of “I Remember When.” “I Remember When” is out March 22nd on limited edition 180gram grey vinyl and compact disc. Learn more about Ex Confusion

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