OKADA - Life is but an Empty Dream


Life is but an Empty Dream \ CD/Digital/LP

  • Fucked Up Inside
  • The Right to Destroy Myself
  • Killing Myself for Your Love
  • I Still Wake Up Thinking You Are By My Side
Life is but an Empty Dream is the seventh full length from long-form ambient composer OKADA. By pressing play, Gregory Pappas, the man behind the moniker, requires your full attention. Waves of crashing sound swirl around viscus beats and cavernous staccato piano. Sound becomes broken to be reconstructed many times over. This is not the lovesick nor heartbroken OKADA we've witnessed before. This is a cathartic, disillusioned, OKADA, out the other side, worse for wear but building anew. The proximal six-minute opening to the album expounds destruction and disintegration, chaos and rebirth. The eye of this storm then disseminates wide allowing a female vocal breath to imply “again.” Have these destructive waves ultimately lead to pleasure? Or moments of rage that have eventually lead to acceptance? It is evident that there is a need, a yearning, an ache, that percolates to the surface on Life is but an Empty Dream. This, mind you, has all happened in the first ten minutes of the album. Pappas, as with all OKADA albums, has put every fiber of his being into the creative process. Such focus and shroud that hangs over the album lead us to assume Pappas' is in an antithetical state than the one apparent on 2016's ode to the blossoming relationship Love Telepathic. Life is but an Empty Dream features four long from tracks that effortlessly progress through extended vignettes encompassing ambient, post-industrial, chillwave and even IDM. Life is but an Empty Dream also has the distinction of being the first OKADA album to be pressed to vinyl and will be available on May 24th in 180-gram transparent red vinyl (limited to 250 units worldwide) and deluxe gatefold compact disc formats. Learn more about OKADA

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