Suumhow - Secuund


Secuund \ CD/Digital/LP

  • Muuscl
  • Till'inf
  • West Bend
  • Bora Bora
  • Cabin
  • 56
  • Vapor
  • Nachta
Secuund is the sophomore album from Belgian experimental electronix duo Suumhow. This album, the follow-up to last year's debut offering from Suumhow called Crash_Reports, finds the pair doubling down on their blisteringly crunchy beat work and warm, humanistic melodies. While the beat-work on the album's opening track can lean toward the aggressive, making things feel as if all is about to teeter out of control, the thoughtful melodic touches in the synths keep the structure elastically tethered together. Exceptions to that rule of thumb exist on Secuund with warm ambient track West Bend, the BOC-esque Bora Bora, and the durable onward animation of Cabin. Such diversity in Suumhow's experimentation makes Secuund an excellent listen for fans of late 90s, early ought IDM, glitch & ambient. Summhow's Secuund will be out Sept 20 and will be available on limited edition 180 gram sea blue vinyl, compact disc, and ultra-limited minidisc. Learn more about Suumhow

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