PCM - Attraverso


Attraverso \ CD/Digital/LP

  • Attraverso
  • Atraves
  • Durch
  • Par
Attraverso is the debut full-length by newly formed ambient project PCM from Milano, Italy. The trio consists of Francesco Perra who also records solo ambient guitar works as Perry Frank, pop producer and symphonic ambient composer Matteo Cantaluppi, and sound designer/engineer Matteo Milea. Attraverso came together after a studio session revealed that each member brought a uniqueness to their collaborative take on ambient's many sub-genres. The concept behind Attraversov is that is meant to mimic four long-form journeys through human inner consciousness. The trio utilizes an amalgam of drone, modern composition, guitar ambient, and Koyaanisqatsi-eque arpeggiated kosmische musik in their sonic excursions. Each album track title is the word "Attraverso" represented in different languages. Attraverso is out October 18th on limited edition 180-gram ultra-clear vinyl limited to 250 units worldwide and gatefold compact disc. Learn more about PCM

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