worriedaboutsatan - Time Lapse


Time Lapse \ CD/Digital/LP

  • Dawn
  • Point of Departure
  • A Lost History
  • Twin
  • Mingels
Time Lapse is the 7th proper album from Bradford UK based worriedaboutsatan and third since the project has returned into a solo effort by Gavin Miller. Time Lapse is also the project's first album for North American emotional electronics stable n5MD. For well over a decade, worriedaboutsatan has effortlessly nurtured a muzzled amalgamation of ambient, techno, and post-rock. The project is a go-to for its adaptation of dark, slow-churning, humanistic techno. Labyrinthine guitars, swelling 303s, and deep pulsing 808s all are utilized in the satan arsenal to realize some of the murkiest forward-moving soundscapes of the last decade. Time Lapse is quintessential worriedaboutsatan, filled with sprawling slow-burn arrangements bathed in velvety reverb tails. A must for fans of artists such as GAS, Explosions in the Sky, or Bioshpere's earlier deep works. Time Lapse is out May 8th on 180 gram transparent forest green vinyl and compact disc. Learn more about worriedaboutsatan