Tangent - Evolutionary Cycles


Evolutionary Cycles \ LP/Digital

  • The Origin of Structures
  • Imminent Transformation
  • Empty Waves
  • The Appearance of Forms
  • Isolated Mechanisms
  • Evolutionary Cycles
  • Unrealistic Unrestrained
  • Errors of Conclusion
Evolutionary Cycles is the 5th full length from Dutch ambient beats duo Tangent. Their previous album Approaching Complexity leaned heavily on piano motifs. In contrast, Evolutionary Cycles spotlights the duo's adeptness at creating an atmosphere that focuses on moody elongated synths and tightly syncopated percussion experiments. The album can be viewed as one of their more sullen efforts. During the writing process, the duo used the impact the human race has on nature as their overall inspiration; While this is a troubling and topical subject, there is always lightness in juxtaposition to Tangent's emotional weight. Evolutionary Cycles is out on March 12th on white vinyl limited to 200 units worldwide. Learn more about Tangent

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