Jason van Wyk - Threads

Jason van Wyk

Threads \ DIGITAL/LP

  • Retention
  • Amidst
  • Sun Florescent
  • Light Burns Out
  • Partial Dawn
  • Where To End
  • Subdued
  • Near Dark
Threads is the 4th solo full length from Cape Town, South Africa based composer Jason van Wyk and his debut album for Oakland based n5MD. Previously known for his progressive trance works, van Wyk has spent a lot of his time as of late composing for the film industry. In 2013, his solo output switched to more pastoral forms of neo-classical leaning ambient with his first full-length Days You Remember, before moving into more piano-based composition for Attachment (2016) and Opacity (2017). Threads does reflect some of his previous ambient works; however, the album shows van Wyk composing music for (and of) current times. There is a much-welcomed underlying beauty to Threads, but there are also threads of anxiousness and unwavering intensity throughout its forty-minute run-time. It's an engaging listen full of texture where each piece takes you on an engrossingly escapist journey. Learn more about Jason van Wyk