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Arconide is the new album from experimental electronic artist vcam. The last we heard from vcam was the Shaelslip EP on n5MD nearly two decades ago. A long since out of print 12" which has the distinction of being the labels first vinyl release. James Long, who records as vcam, took a break from music to focus on his family and foster his photography business. However, a move to picturesque Snoqualmie, Washington from the Bay Area, and the subsequent pandemic allowed him the time to put his studio back together and immersively create the experimental textures and rhythms that is Arconide. The album finds Long in a more melodic headspace than his previous offerings with his elastically alien beats cradling minimalist melodics.  There is little doubt that Arconide will appeal to fans of mid-period Autechre, early Richard Divine, and Arovane. Arconide was mastered by Frank Arkwright (Squarepusher, Plaid, Autechre) at Abbey Road Studios and is out on December 4th on limited edition MiniDisc and available to download or stream at your favorite digital retailer. Learn more about vcam

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