PCM - Macro


Macro \ LP/Digital

  • Macro
  • Radio
  • Replica (feat. Eraldo Bernocchi)
  • Substrato
  • Infra
  • Magma (feat. Massimo Martellotta)
  • Zoom
Macro is the sophomore album from Milan-based ambient trio PCM. Francesco Perra (Perry Frank), plus Matteo(s) Cantaluppi and Milea, have returned with a shimmeringly majestic offering that sidesteps their previous album Attraveso's use of drone and more crystal clear classic ambient motifs to display something more texturally visceral. From the lush widescreen ambient of the title track to the more experimental detail of the album closer Zoom, Macro billows with gratifyingly detailed fibrous ambient punctuated by collaborations with Eraldo Bernocchi and Calibro 35's Massimo Martellotta. Macro will be out on May 28th on transparent orange vinyl, meticulously mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studios. Learn more about PCM

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