bvdub - Violet Opposition


Violet Opposition \ CD/Digtal/LP

  • Divinity at Dusk
  • Heracles Before the Fall
  • Scarlet in Mourning
  • Northern Stars in Jade
Violet Opposition is the latest album from Brock Van Wey's ever-prolific bvdub long-form ambient project. With Violet Opposition, Van Wey floats the project into murkier waters by adding a layer of overdriven gilding to his trademark sound. This sound is a texturally fibrous take on ambient that Brock has been experimenting with recently. As a result, the bvdub peaks and valleys you know, and love, are even more arresting with the added grit and brume. Violet Opposition is four achingly impelling tracks smeared across a double LP in violet and yellow swirl, each song taking its time to evolve and cradle you in sinewy tones. Violet Opposition is out on February 4th. The double LP is limited to 500 units worldwide. Learn more about bvdub

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