COLDSTREAM \ LP/Digital \ 2021-11-12

  • Coldstream
  • Marooned
  • Lucid Moment
  • Wreck
  • Sweet Sungazings
  • Deadbeat (stiffnumbdirtycold)
  • I, Hypernormal
COLDSTREAM is the sophomore album from Tehran-based electronic music producer Hesam Ohadi's Idlefon project. The album is his first for Oakland-based emotive experimental label n5MD, and it finds Ohadi taking inspiration from Adam Curtis' Oh Dearism shorts reflecting on the globes' modern-day state of turmoil. As of late, n5MD has focused more on harboring artists with a more visceral take on ambient, eschewing background music or music for concentration or respite for ambient that requires deep listening. COLDSTREAM is another such fibrous collection. Ohadi utilizes dark ambient, drone, glitch, and even industrial motifs to aid Idlefon's grainy ideology. As a result, COLDSTREAM is boundless, with moments of tension that swirl in and out of view, making it a perfectly ascending aural view of our ever declining society. COLDSTREAM is out November 12th on limited edition dark green with black marble vinyl. Learn more about Idlefon