Tangent - Acquiesce

Dryft &Tangent

Acquiesce \ MD/Digital

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  • Isolated Mechanisms (Dryft Remix)
  • Affiliate
  • Anvicolr
  • Convade (Tangent Remix)
  • Friction (Dryft Remix)
  • The Long Four (Tangent Remix)
  • Alkaline (Tangent Remix)
  • Sublimated (Dryft Remix)
Acquiesce, is by all, tense and purposes, a remix album featuring Dryft and Tangent; Originally slated to be a couple of bonus tracks for those who ordered Tangent's Evolutionary Cycles and Dryft's From Stasis, which were scheduled to be released on the same day. But, unfortunately (in this case, fortunately), vinyl pressing issues and the subsequent pandemic resulted in Dryft's From Stasis year-long tardiness. So, to make the best of these unforeseen delays Tangent and Dryft traded two more remixes each and were also able to collaborate on two new tracks: This is Acquiesce. This amalgam is more than just a remix album featuring Tangent's reflective ambient beatwork and Dryft's knarled dystopian synths and percussion. Acquiesce displays each artists' style, yet it seems so coalescent—a testament to their inherent compatibility. Acquiesce was initially available as a limited edition MiniDisc of 50 copies and now is available at your favorite download or streaming platform. Learn more about Dryft or Tangent

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