Fall Therapy - Fall Therapy

Fall Therapy

Fall Therapy \ MD/Digital

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  • At First Whiff
  • Of Vertigo
  • Please Fall
  • Forward
  • Float Through
  • Whatever Remains of Your Comfort
  • And Fragile Hopes
  • Soar Away
  • Far Enough
  • To Be Whales Again
Grenoble multi-instrumentalist Emeryic Amselem returns as Fall Therapy for his self-titled sophomore full length. Steeped in shimmering ambiance and propelled by glitched up UK Garage-inspired beatwork, which finds Amselem at his most upbeat. The album features more than its share of shuffling rhythms, interwoven with violin and animated by Amselem's carefully crafted arpeggios, which gives the album the distinction of possibly being the most dance forward album in the n5MD cannon. There are a couple of less frenzied surprises sprinkled throughout, such as the scuffling highlight "Forward" with its warm vocals by Mélanie Petrarca and the David Sylvian-esque tune "Far Enough," in which Amselem croons over stretched out piano and percolating synths. Fall Therapy's return is essential in this time of turmoil and uncertainty, an escapist slab mining all points of electronica in an affecting whole. Fall Therapy's self-titled album is out March 4th on limited edition MiniDisc and at all digital retailers. Learn more about Fall Therapy

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