Gimmik - Sonic Poetry


Sonic Poetry \ LP/MD/Digital

  • Here I Am
  • Flight 86
  • Meadows
  • Hello Mr. James
  • Blue Sky
  • Fluffy Jones
  • Sonic Poetry
  • Waves (The Session)
  • Liquid Reality (Part I+II)
  • There You Are (Funky Modular)
  • Dancing With Moon Beams
  • Liquid Reality (Part III)
  • Two Minute Story
  • Into The Tribe of Clones
  • Vapour Trails
  • Patch 27
Gimmik brings you his 8th full-length Sonic Poetry. The follow-up to last year's return-to-form collection, Cloudwalker. Sonic Poetry is a refined group of works showcasing Gimmik's adeptness at fusing experimental electronic music minutia with overarching melodicism. Those that have followed Gimmik's carrier–and subsequent return–will take pleasure in Sonic Poetry's veracity and bolstered production. Leftfield/IDM, Breaks, Downtempo, Electro, and Ambient get dissected and reformed to create a truly authentic album in which it is evident that there is no coincidence in that the opening track is named "Here I am." Learn more about Gimmik

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