dreissk - seiche


seiche \ Digital

  • cold sear
  • seeking surface
  • meeting the void
  • turbulence
  • the stretch
  • right side of the shadow
  • revisit the expanse
  • unsettled
  • through the mist
  • passing storm
Seiche is the fourth full-length album by video game sound designer Kevin Patzelt's dark-hued cinematic dreissk project. The album title hints at an undertow, a surging of dark waves, which has always been evident in dreissk's output. Patzelt is mainly known for his sound design and soundtrack work for the State of Decay series of first-person zombie shooters. Seiche finds Patzelt doubling down on post-apocalyptic beat-punctuated ambient. Seiche is a soundtrack to a yet-to-be-made film about a dystopian present. The album is out on January 14th, available as download or stream at your favorite music delivery service. Learn more about dreissk

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