Boy is Fiction - Deeper Than Static

Boy is Fiction

Deeper Than Static \ LP/Digital

  • In Between
  • Half Spun
  • Disbelief
  • Rebroken
  • Synthetic
  • I Told You I'd Find You
  • Deeper Than Static
  • Kata
  • Silversand
  • See You on the Flipside
Deeper than Static is the third solo album by Australian producer Alex Gillett and his affecting Boy is Fiction project. Those familiar with n5MD might remember Gillett's recent collaboration with Light Out Asia's Chris Schafer on 2018s A Single Beam of Light which perfectly merged the two band's styles. Deeper than Static finds Gillett at laser focus, refining the Boy is Fiction sound to near perfection. Electronic, often glitched-up beats embrace astute piano pacing and swashes of melodic synths. It's affecting and can be, at times, somewhat catchy, all with a haunting lean that Gillett has wholeheartedly embraced in his nearly fifteen-year career. Such melodicism leads to the immediacy of the works on Deeper than Static which as a bonus get some added vibrancy by way of mixing, mastering, and additional production by n5MD label head Mike Cadoo (Bitcrush/ Dryft). Deeper than Static is out September 9th on limited edition transparent red vinyl, limited to 250 Units worldwide. Learn more about Boy is Fiction

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