Jason van Wyk - Descendants

Jason van Wyk

Descendants \ LP/Digital

  • All This Time
  • Erasure
  • Undoing
  • Reach
  • Past
  • Glimpse
  • Held Still
  • Surface Drone
Descendants is the fifth full-length album from South African producer and composer Jason van Wyk.

The followup to “Threads”, his 2021 debut on n5MD, Descendants advances the narrative of van Wyk’s broader- scope, atmospheric sound.

This new work brings into focus an approach that builds on van Wyk’s production methods. Underlying elements are taken further and pushed to the extremes while the influence of his film composition work continues to shine through.

Descendants is a slow dive into enigmatic depths; disarming, explorative, evolved. A tentative descent into introspection, with each track a sonic rumination of drifting elements, tunnelling into a subterranean wilderness. Learn more about Jason van Wyk

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