ILUITEQ - Reflections From The Road


Reflections From The Road \ LP/Digital

  • The Passage
  • In Danger
  • Fate Unveiled
  • It Happened in July
  • Runaway
  • New Reality
  • Before and After
  • Long Way, New Home
  • Things Are Not What They Seem (Bonus)
  • Found In Silence (Bonus)
Loosely inspired by the book "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, ILUITEQ's fourth album, "Reflections From The Road," expands the novel's theme, where human beings are overwhelmed by an ordeal that completely changes the course of their lives. Events that suddenly interrupt the "ordinary movements" of life in a new, unpredictable, and often dangerous way. A strong sense of motion permeates Reflections From The Road's ten tracks in a new and unexpected way compared to previous works by the Italian ambient duo. With "Reflections From The Road," ILUITEQ explores new music territories, strongly contrasting pristine textures and glitchy sounds. Learn more about ILUITEQ

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