Gimmik - News From The Past


News From The Past \ LP/Digital

  • Modulated Youth
  • Floating Clear
  • Diving-Pool (Num Num RMX)
  • Running For Headroom
  • Share Some Grammar
  • Typologic
  • Grainshaper
  • News From the Past
  • Der Kleine Mann Im Mond
  • Scope
n5MD and Gimmik team up yet again! This time, to bring you an updated and remastered version of Gimmik's digitally reclaimed and once previously unreleased cuts compilation News From The Past for the first time on vinyl. The original compilation was released digitally by Gimmik's Toytronic imprint in 2005, originally comprised of six tracks recorded between 1994 and 2000. The reimagined vinyl collection combines ten tracks–plus an additional five included on the download card–spanning 1994 to 2021. News From The Past is an excellent snapshot of Gimmik's musical output thus far and a testament to Martin Haidinger's winding path as one of experimental electronica's most unparalleled producers. News From The Past is out Nov 11th on limited edition white vinyl with pink haze. Learn more about Gimmik

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