Tangent - Presence Reverts to Absence


Presence Reverts to Absence \ LP/Digital

  • Secluded in Isolation
  • Initiation of the Self
  • Contained Singularity
  • Refracted Visions
  • Reverted Presence
  • Awareness of Being
  • Status of Existence
  • Receding Sentience
  • Persistent Absence
Presence Reverts to Absence is the 6th album from dutch ambient-beats duo Tangent. The album finds Robbert Kok and Ralph van Reijendam expanding the Tangent pallet with additions of more poignantly propulsive beatwork and integral modular synth flourishes, which raises their deeply contrasting ethos to new heights. There has always been something rather unworldly about Tangent's music, and Presence Reverts to Absence might be their most celestial album to date by leaning lightly into sci-fi territory with its sound bed of ghostly beacon transmissions and dusty swelling synth tones. Learn more about Tangent

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