Last Days - Windscale

Last Days

Windscale \ CD/Digital

  • Arrival
  • Free Energy
  • Folly
  • Core
  • 20/53
  • Particle Detector
  • Close the Windows
  • Iodine Sunset
  • Atoms for Peace
  • 200 Square Miles
  • Brighter One Day
  • Error of Judgement
  • Fallout
Windscale marks the return of Graham Richardson's ambient post-rock project Last Days. His sixth full-length album continues Last Days' characteristic narrative style by focusing on the UK's most significant nuclear disaster in 1957, at the Windscale nuclear facility in North West England. By track titles and mood, each work soundtracks pivotal moments in the troubled reactor's timeline. From the early promises of free energy to the core's fire and the resulting aftermath, the album plays as a cautionary tale that mirrors concerns of the modern day. Through this narrative, Richardson aurally experiments in ways that amplify the retro-futurist nature of nuclear energy while displaying a melancholic empathy for those that experienced the accident firsthand. Learn more about Last Days

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