ILUITEQ - Reflections Revisited


Reflections Revisited \ CD/Digital

  • The Passage (Ocoeur remix)
  • Long Way, New Home (Miktek remix)
  • In Danger (Tangent remix)
  • Runaway (Giulio Aldinucci remix)
  • Don't Runaway
  • Things Are Not What They Seem (Eraldo Bernocchi remix)
  • It Happened In July (Martina Bertoni remix)
  • Before And After (Ithaki remix)
  • Long Way, New Home (NIMH remix)
  • New Reality (Ithaki remix)
  • The Road
Reflections Revisited is the remix companion release to the Reflections from the Road album by Italian ambient duo ILUITEQ. The original album, released in Feb of this year, was inspired by Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic novel The Road. This remix chapter features thoughtful reworks from n5MD mainstay's Ocoeur and Tangent, Italian sonic sculptor Eraldo Bernocchi, Grecian electronic producer Miktek, experimental soundscape composer Giulio Aldinucci, Berlin electronica artist Martina Bertoni, Giuseppe Verticchio's NIMH explorations, and ILUITEQ member Andrea Bellucci's experimental electronics nom de plume Ithaki. The album also features two previously unreleased tracks from the Reflections from the Road sessions. Learn more about ILUITEQ

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