Ocoeur - Nouveau Depart


Nouveau Depart \ LP/Digital

  • Nouveau Depart
  • L'eveil
  • Traversee
  • Transformation
  • Compassion
  • Guerison
Nouveau Départ is the eighth album from Bordeaux-based composer Franck Zaragoza and his electronically focused Ocoeur eponym. Zaragoza's recent Ocoeur collections have focused on personal introspection as a solid thematic basis, and Nouveau Départ continues an arch that began with 2021's Connection. In recent years, Zaragoza began practicing attentive mindfulness, consciously focusing on his connection with the world, believing that happiness is attainable in the moment and not something that is only fleetingly tangible in the future. Zaragoza comments, "We can all transform our emotions from anger and sadness to happiness and compassion. Such a transformation in thought can profoundly affect the people around us. Nouveau Départ was composed in the spirit of love, empathy, and deep understanding." Nouveau Départ is an aural representation of this kind of mindfulness and could be viewed as a soundtrack to foster feelings of humanity and thoughtfulness for those around us. Beginning such consideration is the start of a journey, and Nouveau Départ is a great companion for such passage. Learn more about Ocoeur

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