Lorenzo Montanà - VION

Lorenzo Montanà

VION \ LP/Digital \ 2024-05-31

  • Like Dew
  • Arenaria
  • Nympalidae
  • Xardin Harmonioso
  • Vilu
  • Soot
  • Evolutra
  • Lypso
Vion is the 29th full-length album to bear the name of Italian soundtrack composer, engineer, and producer Lorenzo Montanà. It is his first solo effort for Oakland-based emotive electronics outpost n5MD. Vion began as a means for Montanà to experiment with jazz brush drum patterns. The album slowly took shape, and further experimentation gave way to stylistic shifts that, in turn, broadened the album's palette to include ought-era experimental electronica motifs and percolating ambiance. Motion is a constant with nearly all of Montanà's output; details are ever-evolving, rarely static. The brushed drums and leftfield production complement each other and give Vion a sense of lightness juxtaposed with its somewhat melancholic tonality. With Vion, Montanà has stretched beyond his recent more ambient offerings to include a cross-section of his electronic music output thus far. Learn more about Lorenzo Montanà