Ocoeur - Breath


Breath \ LP/Digital \ 2024-09-06

  • Breath
  • Life
  • To Love
  • We Expand
  • Calling for Peace
  • Everything Moves
  • Our Home
Iconoclastic Buddhist Línjì Yìxuán once remarked, "The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on earth." This profound statement serves as a reminder of the sheer beauty of our planet. We often take for granted the ground beneath our feet and the simple wonders that our ecosystem supports. Everyday activities like walking under a blue sky, feeling the breeze on our skin, or listening to a songbird's melody remind us that Earth is a precious host offering endless marvels.

"Breath," the latest album by Bordeaux-based producer Franck Zaragoza under his Ocoeur project, is a heartfelt tribute to these earthly wonders. This album, perhaps his most sincere and ambitious to date, comprises seven tracks that reflect Zaragoza's deep appreciation for the world around us. "Breath" is tranquil, peaceful, and meditative, yet its expansive, cinematic scope evokes vivid images of Earth's stunning landscapes. The album is both elegantly captivating and a poignant call for peace on our planet.

With "Breath," Zaragoza elevates his Ocoeur project to new heights, celebrating the marvels of the physical world around us. The album will be released on September 6th on transparent vinyl, limited to just 250 units worldwide. Learn more about Ocoeur

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