What is your demo policy?
We are not accepting unsolicited demos at this time.
Are you planning on (re)releasing 'X' on vinyl, CD or MD?
Currently there are no plans to re-release any of our titles on any other formats.
I am interested in booking one of your artists for a show/tour how can I contact them?
You can do so either via our contact form or by contacting the artist directly. Most n5MD artists have contact information on their websites. Links to sites can be found on the artist's page in our Artist Roster section
Are the rumors true?
Yes. Our owner has indeed never piloted a plane, eaten fugu, seen the movie E.T. (it was terrible), or cared much for the Skinny Puppy album To Dark Park. He does love Last Rights though.
When will 'X' be available?
Release dates are given to releases when the product is complete. All released dates are posted on that releases page in the discography section. If it does not have a release date or an order button then it is still being manufactured.
Can you save me a copy?
We can reserve you a copy of a preorder or release you feel is in jeopardy of selling out. However, we will only hold such reserved copie(s) for two months. All reserved items unclaimed after two months will be returned into our mailorder inventory for (re)sale.
Do you have a copy of 'X' or 'Y' lying around I could buy?
The answer to this is aways a regretful no. We sell what we have on hand. However, it is quite possible to find the title you are looking for elsewhere.
I purchased a release from your downloads page. I did not download my product from the 'your downloads' page and i didn't receive and email with copies of my product links.
There could be a couple of things happening...one reason could be that you have a spam filter and it thinks the automated n5MD download email is spam. The other reason could be merely time. Some times it take a while. Wait an hour then check again. Either way... If you don't receive the email after a couple hours please contact us and we will send you new generated link(s) as they are only good for 24 hours.
Why is shipping to the EU / UK / OZ / JP so expensive.
We receive a lot of criticism about our shipping rates abroad. Most have an accusatory tone that WE are the ones that charge too much for shipping. This is unfortunately the status quo given in the current logistical "prowess" of the USPS. The good news is we have retail partners in most of those locations so if it is not apparent where to purchase a specific release please get in touch.
Will you ship to "x"? if so how much will it be?
Yes we will ship literally anywhere. If you have a postal drop we can use your local post to get it to you. Our mailorder site has an integrated shipping calculator for you to use to calculate shipping. All US orders are sent first class or media mail. If you are ordering from outside the United States you have 2 options International Priority or First Class International. International Priority really only comes with the added speed of arrival. It is mandatory for orders over 4 pounds and is REALLY expensive. First Class International is a lot cheaper and still comes with a tracking number. While we know that especially for vinyl this option still seems expensive. However in most cases if you order 2 (sometimes 3) items the shipping will be the same if you order just one. We don't make the rules...Just try out best to follow them.

To use the shipping calculator simply login to your n5Mailorder account (or create one) put everything you would like on your order in the shopping cart and click the "calculate postage" button on the bottom of the shopping cart page. Our site is directly linked to the US Postal Service's website so this shipping calculation is based on their up to the minute pricing.
Suumhow? who dat?
We know this much... They are a duo. They claim to be from Belgium. However, they have never been able to receive mail at their desired Belgian address. Their photos are willfully sent obscured. We know as much as you. But I'm sure you will agree, the music is what counts most.
I got an email over a month ago saying my order had shipped...where is it?
It has been our experience that periodically packages can end up simply sitting at your local post office. Before contacting us about your order please inquire about your parcel at your local post office. We know that is a huge pain but once it leaves the United States it is hard for us to enquire about a parcel. We now ship all international parcel via USPS with a tracking number. This number was emailed to you when your order shipped. You can use that tracking number to see the status of your parcel at the USPS website. If you did not receive a tracking number and there is no package for you at your local post office please by all means contact us and let us know what order number and we'll get on it. The order number will be on the original email we sent you when you placed the order. You may also contact us by replying to any of the mails that we sent to confirm order, payment or shipping.
What payment types do you accept
We accept Paypal. And they accept all major credit cards so we've got you covered.
Can I have a hug?
See demo policy.