Bitcrush - In Distance


In Distance \ CD / Digital

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“In Distance,” Bitcrush’s latest offering and first on n5MD, finds Ex-Gridlock beat-smith Mike Cadoo pushing n5MD further into a world where two disparate yet emotional elements, human and electronic, are merged into one. Recorded over a one year span, In Distance is “very personal,” by the artist’s admission. Cadoo has laid himself bare in an introspective ride where shimmering shoe-gaze-centric guitars, broken electronics, dual bass work, live drums, and Mike’s now trademark “the one left behind” vocal style meld together into long aural road-trips ending at dusk in the middle of nowhere. A trip you will be more than happy to take considering who is driving. Vast and heartfelt; engaging yet adrift, In Distance has as much in common with his debut “Enarc” (Component) and the "Shimmer & Fade" EP (Enpeg) as it does with the more recent output of Mogwai, Album Leaf or even Fourtet. In Distance leads us there, now how do we get home… Learn more about Bitcrush

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