Bitcrush - Epilogue In Waves


Epilogue In Waves \ CD / Digital

  • prologue
  • an island, a penninsula
  • of days
  • tides
  • what would hope be without disappointment
  • atreaux
  • a false movement, true
  • epilogue to tides
  • pearl
  • to drown
"Epilogue in Waves" is the third album from n5MD main-man Mike Cadoo's ever evolving Bitcrush moniker. The album is the soundtrack to a story which begins with a sense of hope, but whose undercurrents pull you to the end you feared. Epilogue in Waves marks the end of Cadoo's “wading in the ocean” thematic metaphor for lost time that constituted the backbone of his previous album, “In Distance.” As his self described “rock record,” the album eschews some of Cadoo's previous electronic methodologies for a more stripped-down songwriting style which utilizes only guitars, basses and drums. This experiment in the basics has led to a sonically rich release that still contains those warm musical crevices to find solace in. Epilogue in Waves will please fans of previous works by Bitcrush as well as neophytes to Cadoo's brand of emotional and sometimes epic songwriting. Learn more about Bitcrush

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